Children's Residential Care

Children’s Residential Care

Residential Care Services

Harmony Care

Harmony Residential Care Services provides high quality mainstream Children’s Residential Care for Boys and Girls from the ages of 12 -17 years on admission. Residential Care is provided to children and young people in need of care and protection who cannot remain within their own family setting/home and for whom Foster Care is not suitable or has irretrievably broken down. We provide short, medium or long term placements.

All of our Residential Units are registered and are in compliance with the requirements of the Social Service Inspectorate and the Child Care Monitor. Our policies have been developed within a framework that incorporates current Child Care Policy, Legislation, Regulation and Best Practice.

Adult Residential Care

Harmony Residential Care offers Residential Care to Adults who require support on a 24 hour basis.  Individualised therapeutic programmes are provided based on on an assessment of needs.